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Let us sell your home or assist you in the purchase of a new home!When buying or selling you want an agent who negotiates the best deal and treats you as their most important client. 

As a member of the Real Estate community, we know how tough it has been over the last few years in Florida. We also know that you and your family’s health insurance have gone up. What we do is understand your situation and help you structure your policy to where it meets your family’s needs and budget. 

Using independent insurance agents costs you nothing. You gain the experience, contacts, and resources of that individual to help you navigate the system. We represent a number of insurance companies and will search for the best plan at the right price. We also have a number of products that may suit your needs. 


We are self-employed, as you are. Our ability to fund our business operations depends, like you, on referrals. Quality customer service HAS to be our top priority. Like you, we are available seven days a week until 10 PM at night to service your needs.


Call us today to help you and your family.


Hard-To-Place Coverage is easy to find with BABC

BABC is one of the largest writers of Vacant property coverage and Builder's Risk coverage, including coastal exposures. Both programs are available for Commercial and Residential properties..

Vacant Property Program

  • Minimum premiums start at $200 for property
  • Minimum premiums start at $250 when including liability
  • Commercial and Residential properties eligible
  • Immediate quoting and binding over the phone
  • Policies can be issued from one to 12 months

Builder's Risk Program

  • Minimum premiums start at $200 for property
  • Minimum premiums start at $250 when including liability
  • Ground-up and renovation projects eligible
  • $5,000 premises theft coverage available
  • Commercial and Residential properties eligible

How will health-care ruling impact brokers?

A look at what Obama's new insurance mandate means for the industry

August 01, 2012
By Jake Mooney


New York City real estate agents have long been classified as independent contractors rather than employees of the firms they work for.


But since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in late June in favor of the Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s health-care reform, that distinction has become more crucial than ever.


The law’s much-discussed “individual mandate,” slated to take effect in 2014, will require all Americans to have health insurance or pay a fine. It also requires businesses with more than 50 employees to provide coverage or pay a similar fee — but while full-time employees of brokerages count toward that number, brokers don’t.

The Court’s decision, then, will have significant ramifications for the brokerage community everywhere. Indeed, going without insurance, as many agents currently do, will be much more difficult come 2014.


The real estate industry here is sorting through exactly what the law will mean for brokers and firms, and what sorts of new options for buying insurance will be made available to agents. And since the President was re-elected this fall, the law likely survives.



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