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Dog insurance and cat insurance from Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. Get pet insurance reviews. Compare pet insurance plans.
If you're like us, your dogs or cats aren't just pets. They're a special part of the family. From being the lovable playmate to your trusted companion, your pet is always there for you as a loyal friend. Protecting your pets' health with Healthy Paws makes it easy to give them the best medical care while protecting your bank account from unexpected, and expensive, veterinary bills.
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Pet Health Insurance Plan

Pet Insurance Basics
Most pet health insurance plans have a few basics in common. You usually select a reimbursement and deductible; can go to any veterinarian you choose; pay your vet first, file a claim and then get reimbursed; and pre-existing conditions and related treatments are not covered. Breeding issues, experimental treatments, and cosmetic surgery like declawing and tail docking are also typically not covered.
There are also substantial differences between companies. These differences often impact if your claim is covered or how much you get reimbursed after a veterinary visit. Some of the most important differences are:
  • Coverage.  Is the pet insurance plan easy to understand? Look closely at coverage and exclusions. For example, congenital and hereditary conditions (like heart defects, eye cataracts or diabetes) are very expensive to treat and must be covered.
  • Reimbursement Method. Not all pet insurance companies pay on the actual veterinary bill and this lowers your reimbursement. Beware of Benefit Schedules or "Usual and Customary" policy language, as it may lower your reimbursement amounts.
  • Limits. Are any limits or caps applied per incident, per year, or over the pet’s lifetime? These can impact your ability to get reimbursed.
  • Customer Care. Insurance is all about service once the policy is purchased. What are their customers saying about their care and claims experience?
Cost and Coverage
Pet Insurance is not like car insurance where finding the cheapest plan doesn’t change your coverage. A cheap plan equals greatly restricted coverage. Of course, that doesn’t mean a quality plan can’t be affordable. You can find comprehensive accident and illness coverage starting at $15/mo for cats and $25/mo for dogs and have peace of mind that you and your pet are well protected. It’s a small cost considering how much they give to us!
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