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Dental insurance can be an effective way to prevent damage to your teeth and gums. But when determining what dental insurance plan would fit you best, it is important not to just look for cheap and affordable dental insurance. Besides cost, you want to consider other factors before choosing your next dental insurance plan.  Below are five of the top questions to ask yourself before choosing dental insurance.


1. Can I choose my own dentist?Just like health insurance, some dental insurance plans will restrict you to only certain dentists while others will give you your choice. So, if you have a favorite dentist and s/he does not fall into the cheap dental insurance category, it may be worth it to you to pay a little extra for the dental insurance that includes your favorite dentist.


2. Will my dentist and I get to choose the best treatment for me?Some dental insurance plans will restrict payment to the cheapest treatment for a condition, although there may be other treatment choices available.


3. What will be covered?A good dental insurance plan should cover two cleanings a year with no fee or office visit. X-rays and fluoride treatments are also usually covered at no additional cost. The cost of other services are usually split 50/50 with the insurance plan and patient, up to the plan's maximum payout amount depending on the policy. But, if you are looking for a more affordable dental insurance plan, you still can find good plans with a little less coverage than above.


4. Will I be limited to when I can schedule an appointment?Sometimes dentists limit scheduling times to certain dental insurance participants. Make sure your dentist does not limit appointments to people in your dental insurance plan to certain days or times of the week if that will be an inconvenience to you.


5. What will I pay? Dental plans are usually worth the premium cost. An employer sponsored dental insurance plan is usually the best deal and typically will cost a family much less than if they paid for the dental procedures without dental insurance. In addition, depending on your tax situation your premiums may be tax deductible. Even if you opt for the cheap and/or more affordable dental insurance choices, it will more than likely still be a better savings over paying for the procedures out of pocket.


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