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Client Services

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Merchant Services

Let us help your business save on your credit card payments! We have partnered with one of the top companies in the nation to peovide you with the best products and services. Anybody can plug in your merchant services but at First Financial Merchant Services we go about it a little different. We take the time to understand your needs and design a program that makes dollars and sense. It’s not one size fits all like some merchant services providers like to think. While we offer it all – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, FuelMan Fleet Services, Check Services, Gift Cards, you will find that we’re experts at finding ways to add value to your bottom line.



You need to feel good about selecting us… and we know it. That’s why we’ve selected reliable networks for our merchants’ transaction processing activity. The networks we’ve selected handle over 1.5 million merchant locations, bigger means better reliability in this industry. In addition to reliability, our merchant customers appreciate 24/7 customer care and optional online reporting.


  • Ask for a PIN or don’t, what’s the difference? There’s a big difference, and it matters the way your business accepts payment! If you don’t know what’s best for you, be sure to ask your agent.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are the first thing you should inventory. Why?

  • Increased Consumer Spending
    Awareness is at an all time high! Sales can sometimes double from paper to plastic!
  • Powerful Promotional Tool
    Merchants can use the cards as a tool to increase sales during slow days or promotions.
  • Increase Store Traffic
    Signs and display material in your store will attract more customers wanting to buy a gift for a loved one.
  • Promotes Customer Loyalty
    Merchants can use the cards to help keep the customers coming back. Example: Buy $50.00 today and get an extra $10.00 on your card.
  • Great Impulse Purchase
    It has been studied & proven that consumers will tend to impulse purchase if you are promoting a product at the point of sale.
  • Replace Paper Gift Certificates
    Most all merchants selling paper Gift Certificates experience problems with tracking, reporting, fraud, and duplicate use.
  • Slippage and Breakage
    The BIGGEST reason to use Gift Cards is not to have to give the customer CASH BACK! Balances stay on cards! Typically only 85% of a cards value is actually redeemed!

Check Services

  • Turn checks into cash instantly- no more having to take checks to the bank!
  • Merchants have the ability to process checks the same way they would process a credit card.
  • Reduce risk- converting checks into electronic transactions guarantees funds!

Petroleum/ Gas/ Service Stations/ Repair

  • Fleet Cards are accepted by merchants everywhere who sell petroleum or fuel, who provide automotive aftercare (service), as well as convenience stores that sell fuel, aviation services suppliers, car dealers, and the boating industry.
  • First Financial offers a wide variety of payment processing options for petroleum merchants, including all major and minor Credit Cards, PIN-Secured Debit, Prepaid Solutions, Electronic Check Services, and all major Fleet Cards.


  • If you’re a grocery store, convenience store, or any other business that may need to accept EBT, be sure to let us know.
  • Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) is an automated delivery system that manages, supports and controls electronic payments and distribution of Food Support and cash benefits to public assistance recipients.

Get Working Capital

  • Merchant Cash Advances is a smart way to get working capital for many small and medium-sized businesses
  • Merchant Cash Advance is a type of financing based on the purchase of future credit card receivables
  • For many business owners, a Merchant Cash Advance offers benefits that are not available from lenders and other financing sources

Equipment Leasing

  • Avoid large up front capital investment
  • Low monthly payment
  • Tax benefits- Typically 100 % tax deductible as an operating expense (be sure to ask your accountant)
  • Preserves bank lines of credit- Allows merchant to use bank line for expansion and acquisition rather than equipment purchase
  • Provides hedge against inflation- Leasing ensures a fixed payment amount throughout the term of the lease

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