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List Billing Arrangements

In today's business community it's no secret that managing the costs of your business operations is overwhelming. Most employers can no longer afford to offer group insurance to their employees. This puts them at a competitive disadvantage when up against larger business operations that still does offer such benefits. With List Billing arrangements, your employees get the following:

  • Competitively priced (often less than group premiums) insurance products for themselves and their family;
  • No need to worry about the 50% increase in premiums for Cobra payments if they leave your employment.Their insurance is portable and remains the same cost to them;
  • Many more choices than is normally offered through group plans;
  • A personal agent for every employee. You do NOT have to involve any employee of your business in this area at all;
  • Can offer payroll deductions for premiums, and;
  • A program that is VERY affordable! Often only $25 per month per insurance company per month!

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