Health Reimbursement Accounts

The  Future of Small Business Health Insurance

Zane Benefits' Defined  Contribution Software allows you to offer health benefits that people will  actually love - earning quality new hires and loyal employees.


Define Contributions: There is no minimum  requirement
Set Eligibility: There are no minimum  participation requirements
Save Time: Administration in less than 5  minutes per month
Recruit & Retain: Give employees tax-free  compensation


The Zane software allows employers to reimburse employees for out-of-pocket health insurance and medical expenses 100% tax-free.


Tax Savings: Employers and employees do not pay taxes on the reimbursements.
Happier Employees: Employees value health benefits at up to 2Xs taxable compensation.
Healthier Employees: When employees buy health insurance, they tend to be healthier.
Defined Contribution Health Plans

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