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Business Solutions

We are here to help your business manage the expense of employee benefits. By offering unique and tailored solutions we can minimize your expense while maintaining employee morale. Secondly, we have options, acceptable under the Affordable Care Act, that will assist you with the cost associated with offering benefits. Here are some choices:


  1. Group Insurance. We can offer the traditional group plan except that because we represent so many carriers, we can get you the best deal. As you may be aware, to enroll in a group plan you must have 70% participation and the employer must contribute at least 50% of the employee’s premium.
  2. SHOP ACA Group plans. This, through the Exchange, helps small businesses (with employees totaling 25 or less and average salaries of $50,000 or less) the ability to get a tax credit up to 50% of the amount the business contributes to the employee’s premiums under a group plan.
  3. Stipend choices. This option allows maximum flexibility. The employer can pay whatever and to whomever they want based on any criteria they set. We can even set up payroll deductible premiums and the plans can be with any carrier(s) to minimize the premium expense. Employees can get any insurance they want-dental, vision, medical, life, disability, etc. This is great for those that have other benefits under their spouse and they can take their insurance with them if they leave your employment without dealing with an expensive Cobra option.
  4. No contribution. This lets every employee set up whatever coverage they feel is necessary and pay for it themselves. Again, they can take the coverage with the without dealing with Cobra. It could be very likely that many would qualify for tax subsidies to lessen their expense.

We have many dental plans, vision plans, medical, life, disability, Medicare (for those employees over 65) long term care, final expense-even pet insurance! We also can offer an analysis on payroll services to see if we can lower your costs and give you quotes on your liability, workman’s comp or other commercial or personal lines of insurance.

Why use our services?

  1. No charge to anyone involved. We are paid by the insurance companies. This does NOT increase the costs to you or your employees at all. The cost is the same as if you had dealt directly with the insurance company.
  2. We have a large number of options.
  3. We do the work of a Benefit Administrator for free and almost everything is done over the phone!
  4. We can deal with employees after hours and on weekends.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Call us today!



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