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Greg James, President/MGA


I had a 37-year career in the banking industry as a Senior

Vice President and Chief Lending Officer responsible for 

Commercial Banking as well as other lending functions. In

2011 I left the banking industry and re-started my career in

the insurance industry. I enjoy helping clients solve their

complicated insurance needs with the best products available. Our main

objective is to do what is right for our clients without regard to what is best for us. We provide complete benefits for business owners as well as individuals. I attended East Tennessee State University receiving my BA in Business Administration and attended the University of Florida for my MBA. I have insurance licenses in the states of Florida, Georgia, Texas, and South Carolina. I also have a Real Estate license in Florida. For a business owner, that allows me to assist with all aspects of business operations from group health benefits and affordable alternatives to assisting with payroll services, buying/selling of business properties, buying/selling of a business operation, workman's comp, liability, etc. We have a complete line of products and strive for the fair, balanced and objective opinion of solving your needs without regard to our enrichment-in other words- act as a fiduciary on your behalf.


Dennis was born and raised near Boston Mass. After relocating to Raleigh Durham-North Carolina, and raising two wonderful daughters, he started a catering company named; "The Fast Italian". After 20 years of success in the catering industry, warmer weather lured him to Florida’s west coast.   

   Five of the last several years were spent caring for his mother and father, although this was a difficult time for him, he learned just how confusing Insurance was for most people. A lifetime of business experience and a true love of helping people brought him to the insurance field. 

  Dennis is committed to going the extra mile, carefully listening, and developing a program geared to each client’s needs. His one-on-one approach employs fair and OBJECTIVE analysis of your needs and finding specific options to solve any need you may have. From Employee Benefits to Medicare-From ACA (Obamacare) to Workman’s Comp- Dennis is your one-stop-shop®.

Dennis prides himself on assisting every client who asks for help with their insurance needs with compassion and caring-no high pressure or invasion into your privacy! A lifetime of working with people from all aspects of life has groomed him to present you with excellent insurance decisions!


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